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A New Generation of Customs Filing Software

Customs compliance is our priority. Whether you're a Customs Broker, Freight Forwarder or Self-Filer, we take pride in saving you time, reducing your costs and keeping you compliant.

Cloud Means IT Included

We’ve got your back with IT so you can focus on your core business. We host and manage our platform in a highly secure, fully redundant cloud platform that meets all ISO and security standards.

We Bring Customs Filing to the Cloud
Customs Business, But Without the IT Investments


FTZ & CFS Operators

You'll find completing and filing FTZ (e214) faster and easier with ACELYNK. Our platform is built with full inventory control and is seamlessly integrated with our ISF and InBond modules. It streamlines Tally-In’s from ISF to InBond to e214 and Tally-Out withdrawals, IE and T&E. ACELYNK FTZ comes with all the required quarterly and annual reporting out of the box. Schedule Demo Today

Customs Brokers

We built our ACELYNK Navigator suite for you, the Customs Brokers, and designed it to make your life easier. By adding visibility, automated controls, and alerts Navigator ensures you’ll never miss a CBP request or payment, or miss filing your Summary on-time. But beyond simplifying brokerage, Navigator comes with features that empower you to provide superior service to your customers. Schedule Demo Now


Whether you operate your own FTZ or import/export your own shipments, ACELYNK helps keep you compliant and does it all in one easy to use app. It includes edits and controls that our brokers use to do their job, and is available from anywhere using a PC, Mac or any smart device with Internet access. Schedule Demo Today


Complete ACE Filing Modules

In addition to 3461 and 7501, FDA/PN and all active PGA forms, you can use any of our modules for standalone filing: ISF, In-Bond (7512), FTZ (e-214), AES (Export),Truck Manifest, Reconciliation and Duty Drawback. Utilize our query module for Air AMS, Ocean AMS, Bond, Tariff, FIRMS, SCAC, AD/CV and Quota.


EDI – Electronic Data Interchange

ACELYNK is built to connect with external systems to make EDI implementation quick & easy. This means we can create automation with you or even your customers who may want to send their data direct from their own ERP. We support all file formats and protocols.


Visualized Shipment Tracking

In a perfect world, shipments would always be cleared and ready for delivery as scheduled. But in our world, we must count for exceptions. ACELYNK’s Visual Tracking is a dashboard style system that enables internal and external departments to see the status of manifests, entries and PGA's, as they change in real-time.


Document Imaging

Go paperless! We take away all excuses for needing to print or scan documents. Simply upload your shipping documents for compliant storage, further manipulation and distribution. They will be digitally stored in a secure, multi-redundant environment and always available for retrieval.


ERP Integration

Streamline your supply chain by integrating your parts, PO’s and shipments with a system that behaves like it is a part of your ERP. ACELYNK is an open API platform and can be utilized as your company’s gateway to CBP.



ACELYNK eBond is for Surety or Surety Agent companies who are looking to easily file and manage electronic bonds. Easily file your eBond applications, print, and send your issued bonds within seconds. Plus, you will get free access to ACELYNK bond query module.

Complete ACE Filing Modules
EDI – Electronic Data Interchange
Visualized Shipment Tracking
Document Imaging
ERP Integration

Intuitive Software

For managing shipments and communicating with Customs, the Navigator portal is the most advanced, yet intuitive, software solution on the market.

Simple Cloud Based Setup

Get up and running quickly with no software downloads or hardware requirements. The Navigator portal is available to you from any device - all you need is an internet connection.

Immediate Updates

Receive updates and alerts in real time. In an industry that’s always on the go, ACELYNK Navigator keeps you and your customers continuously updated on shipment statuses.

Ensured Compliance

As a part of our commitment to compliance, we make the required software updates to meet new or changed regulations free of charge. Tariff schedule and other updates occur automatically as they are published by CBP.

Training & Support

Personalized Training

As a new user of the Navigator platform, you'll receive complete on-boarding and training with an ACELYNK representative. Our training program eliminates uncertainties you may experience when using a new system. If you need additional training we can provide private training sessions until you're fully confident using the platform. Even after the training and on-boarding program is complete, you'll have the ability to reach out for supplemental training as needed.

24/7 Technical Support

We believe that providing you adequate support is key to our success. To this end, you get access to a ticketing system that is monitored 24/7. Our goal is to respond to issues within 15 minutes and resolve them within 30 minutes. Emergency situations are handled as priority.

Help and User Manual

We provide you with online Help and a User Manual within the application. They provide tutorial videos, sample screenshots, How To’s and most common error messages. Feel free to contact us when you need a refresher walk-through.

ACELYNK Navigator Plans


A Great Start!
2 Users Included
Importer Security Filing (ISF) Cargo Release (3461) Entry Summary (7501)
Document Imaging System (DIS)
In-Bond (7512)
FTZ (e214)
Integrated Quickbooks Accounting
One-on-One Training Sessions

Navigator Pro

Recommended by the ACELYNK Team!
8 Users Included
All Navigator Features
CHB Management Dashboard
Automated Export System (AES)
FTZ Operation & Inventory Management
Duty Drawback
Reconciliation Summary Filing
Truck Manifest (eManifest)


Customize to Your Needs!
Unlimited Users
All Navigator and Navigator Pro Features
Shipment Track & Trace Dashboards
API & EDI Integration with Customers and 3rd Parties
Supply Chain Visibility & Analytics Dashboards

Our Customers Come First

We are made up of a team of young and young at heart individuals who love what we do. We all share a simple vision: to create a cloud-based community for Customs filers.

We believe our cloud technology simplifies the traditional Customs brokerage operations, creates a paperless environment and affords the flexibility to work from home when life requires it.

We began our journey in 2010 and today we facilitate thousands of filings in real-time each day. We love our customers and try hard to keep them happy.

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