Yes, as an importer you can legally file your ISF’s using a CBP certified software provider, such as ACELYNK. You can find a list of certified software providers by visiting the CBP website. Self-filing has many benefits for the importer, including eliminating filing fees charged by service providers, providing direct visibility and reducing touch points in the supply chain. More control and better visibility of the filing process decreases the risk of compliance failures. Remember, the importer is ultimately responsible for making sure duties are reported, calculated correctly and paid on time.

NOTE: If you are a one-time importer filing a single ISF you will need to use a licensed Customs Broker. If, however, you are an importer who regularly imports goods into the U.S., then a CBP certified software provider, such as ACELYNK, may offer you many advantages.

The advent of new technology has made self-filing easier and faster than ever. The Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) reduces filing times by eliminating paper forms, speeding up communication between importers, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the participating government agencies, and even offers a speedier cargo release process. As well, the introduction of Cloud technology has made it possible for everything to be accessible 24/7 from anywhere, using any device that supports a browser.

When choosing an ACE certified system to file your own ISF’s, it is important to pick a software that has protocols in place to ensure you remain compliant. Services like the Navigator Suite from ACELYNK have real-time CBP updates and alerts regarding the status of shipments, and validation tools to ensure required data elements are entered correctly. Again, it is the importer’s responsibility for making sure duties are reported, calculated correctly and paid on time.

If you are an importer interested in filing your own ISF’s, and are interested in the advantages of the ACE system and Cloud technology, see how ACELYNK can assist you by contacting us.