ACELYNK is my one-stop-shop for all my customs business. I have everything I need on the ACELYNK platform to run my business, plus customer service and support that outshines any software provider I have worked with. Not to mention, it is a true cloud based system, so I can access it even when I am traveling or if I have an emergency away from the office. I can move easily from ISF filings, In-bonds, entries, and billing. It’s the most user friendly software I have ever used.

Cargowise, One View and Descartes have so much redundant information that is unnecessary and made my job tedious. I can’t say enough about the ease of business I have with choosing ACELYNK as my provider. I have enough to worry about with the day to day changes with ACE and regulations. ACELYNK stays on top of it all and I know when I login to ACELYNK, I am working with the most up to date information. THANK YOU ACELYNK!