As you may already know, effective January 1, 2019 all commercial truck shipments containing Section 321 merchandise will now be required to file an electronic manifest prior to crossing the US border.

ACELYNK offers a Truck eManifest filing solution for those looking to satisfy the updated filing requirements. Our intuitive and innovative Customs filing software makes it easy for any filer to submit Truck eManifest information to Customs within seconds. With ACE continuing to position itself as the premier, single automated solution for transmitting data to and from Customs, ACELYNK sets the standard for the most friendly and intuitive software solution on the market today. According to some of our current filers, “ACELYNK provides the most easy to use software on the market.” The requirements to file Truck eManifest for Section 321 merchandise opens up a window of opportunity for all members of the trade community.

If you’re interested in viewing how ACELYNK’s eManifest solution can work for you, please send an enquiry to Steven Johnson, Director of Sales, at Steven is happy to show you how our platform will align with your current operations. Don’t wait until the Truck eManifest regulations become effective. Stay ahead of the curve and request a demo today!