Following are highlights of regulatory effective dates and deadlines, federal agency meetings, and other trade-related events coming up in the next week.

Dec. 31 – deadline for comments to DOC on nations with vessels engaged in IUU fishing

Dec. 31 – effective date of EPA rule requiring advance notice for imports of 66 chemical substances

Dec. 31 – deadline for requests for administrative reviews of AD/CV duty orders

Jan. 1 – effective date of termination of AGOA eligibility for Mauritania

Jan. 1 – effective date of requirement for advance e-manifest for Section 321 shipments by truck

Jan. 2 – deadline for comments to FTZ Board on production requests

Jan. 2 – deadline to request judicial review of CBP origin ruling on medical devices

Jan. 3 – deadline for comments to ITC on IPR import restrictions on mobile electronic devices

Jan. 4 – deadline for comments to ITC on U.S.-EU Trade Agreement

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