ACELYNK provides Customs Brokers, Importers, FTZ Operators, and organizations of the Trade Community with a Cloud based ABI filing solution. CBP’s constant innovation, delays, enhancements, and deployments with ACE have given ACELYNK the opportunity to offer a flexible, yet reliable, ABI software solution. ACELYNK is one of the very few ABI vendors that offers the complete PGA record set for submitting FDA, NHTSA, EPA, APHIS, FWS, DEA, FSIS, NMFS, ATF, DTC, TTB, and AMS data to and from each agency as they become in available in ACE.

Filing ISF, Entry Summary, Cargo Release, 7512’s (InBond), e214’s (FTZ), Drawback, Reconciliation, AES, and eManifest, is no longer what it used to be. Now, anyone can file these kinds of transactions from just about anywhere and its all electronic. As ACE continues to mature, filing will become a much simpler process. Whether you’re a Customs Broker, a Self-Filing Importer, an FTZ Operator, a Freight Forwarder, an NVOCC, or any other member of the Trade community in need of filing Customs transactions, the filing process of filing with Customs is now streamlined and automated.

ACE is the premier single window of communication to and from CBP for conducting Customs transactions. ¬†ACELYNK’s fully Cloud based ABI software (ACELYNK Navigator) enables individuals and organizations alike a chance to compete and thrive in an industry that handles over $400 billion annually. Customs has released several self-help guides that aid filers with the implementation of ACE. ACELYNK provides private training sessions, consultation, and comprehensive on boarding programs which help new and experienced filers conduct Customs business via ACE. CBP support documents and ACELYNK training availability provide Customs Brokers, Self-Filing Importers, Freight Forwarders, FTZ Operators, and all members of the trade community all the resources one might need to easily and efficiently comply with US laws and regulations. Importing and Exporting goods are now available electronically through ACE. In most cases its mandatory that filers utilize ACE for filing with CBP and their partner governmental agencies (PGA).

If you’re looking to find out more about ACELYNK’s ABI solution for importing, transferring, and exporting shipments in and out of the US, please reach out to Steven Johnson today. He is ACELYNK’s Director of Sales and would be happy to provide additional information. Steven can be reached by sending an email to, or call him directly at (469) 270-0614. We hope to hear from you soon as ACE continues with its development, maturity, and long-term availability for importing and exporting goods in and out of the US.