Effective July 29th 2019, all InBond Arrivals and Exports are required to be submitted electronically through the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). CBP will no longer accept paper copies of the CBPF 7512. Air shipments, however, will continue to be exempt from these requirements. 

Currently, filers have the capability to submit the Arrival and Export via paper formats for most ports. Beginning July 29th 2019, paper submissions for Arrival and/or Export of InBonds will no longer be accepted. Filers will be required to file electronically through ACE via an ABI platform.  

ACELYNK Navigator, ACELYNK’s ACE certified ABI solution for Customs filing and CHB management, provides filers an intuitive and secure platform for electronically submitting InBond Arrivals and Exports with just a few easy steps. You can read more about our ABI Solution on our website. 

Make sure you’re prepared for the switch to mandatory electronic submission of all InBond Arrivals and Exports come July 29th. If you need help or have any questions regarding the change, don’t hesitate to reach out to an ACELYNK representative. We’re happy to share our knowledge to make sure you remain compliant.