ACELYNK Trivia will be held on the second Friday of each month. The questions will be specific to that month’s topic. For example: The first topic will be known as, All Things ACELYNK. This gives filers a chance to get to know the team behind ACELYNK, test basic platform knowledge, and potentially provide insight to capabilities that filers may not have known existed. Another Trivia topic may be Industry Related Current Events, ACELYNK How-To’s, or perhaps ACE Deployments, the sky is the limit! ACELYNK Trivia will help strengthen platform proficiency, increase industry knowledge, and create a Community of ACELYNK filers for potential networking opportunities.

In order to participate filers must be in good standing, actively filing, and available to meet on the designated Trivia date. There is no limit to the number of contestants each company can enter into the contest. Contestants will have 25 seconds to answer each question. The correct answer along with a brief description of why that answer was correct will be provided after the 25 second time limit. In the event of a tie, the contestant who answered the most questions correctly with the quickest time will be deemed that month’s champion. Champions will receive additional prizes to be disclosed the day of the event.

If you’re actively filing, request to join the fun for our next Trivia contest scheduled for June 12th at 4:00pm EST. We look forward to hosting ACELYNK Trivia and can’t wait to see who wins! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Director of Sales, Steven Johnson, at Good Luck!