© [2019], NCBFAA, Washington D.C. Monday Morning eBriefing. Originally published [08/19/2019]. www.ncbfaa.orgReprinted by permission.

In the August 13 edition of the Federal Register, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced the agency would be conducting a new test of ACE functionality surrounding low-valued shipments. During the “ACE Entry Type 86 Test,” which will start no earlier than September 28 of this year, a filer will be able to file a new informal entry type for Section 321 de minimis shipments. CBP believes this new test will “facilitate legitimate trade while also allowing CBP to enhance its targeting capabilities; ensure that PGAs can identify potential violative products for reporting or enforcement targeting purposes while allowing filers to utilize a less complex entry process; and decrease the challenges faced by CBP in targeting, locating and examining Section 321 low-valued shipments by collecting necessary data.” The test is open to all owners, purchasers, consignees, and designated customs brokers of Section 321 low-valued shipments, including those subject to PGA requirements, imported by all modes of cargo transportation. All interested parties are invited to comment on any aspect of this test at any time. CBP requests comments and feedback on all aspects of this test, including the design, conduct and implementation of the test, in order to determine whether to modify, alter, expand, limit, continue, end, or fully implement this new entry process.