© [2019], NCBFAA, Washington D.C. Monday Morning eBriefing. Originally published [11/11/2019]. www.ncbfaa.orgReprinted by permission.

In the November 12 edition of the Federal Register, U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced that the next meeting of the Commercial Customs Operations Advisory Committee (COAC) will meet on December 4 in Washington, D.C. On the agenda, the Committee will discuss the following: 

  • The Next Generation Facilitation Subcommittee will provide an update on the One U.S. Government Working Group’s progress and an overview of the recent two-day meeting, during which the working group discussed the Global Business Identifier and working group priorities. There will be a subcommittee update on the progress of the Unified Entry Processes Working Group’s development of an operational framework and the mapping of deficiencies in the current entry process. The subcommittee will discuss progress on the Emerging Technologies Working Group’s various initiatives, including the recent completion of the Intellectual Property Rights Blockchain Proof of Concept testing and follow-up assessment. Finally, the subcommittee will provide an update on the efforts of the E-Commerce Working Group’s projects and pilots.
  • The Secure Trade Lanes Subcommittee will provide updates on the Trusted Trader Working Group’s activites. They will also provide an analysis of the In-Bond processes with a view to areas that are being developed for greater efficiency. The newly launched Export Modernization Working Group will provide updates regarding categorizing issues with export handling and identification of export data elements and opportunities for export process efficiencies. The Export Modernization Working Group may also submit recommendations for COAC’s consideration. The subcommittee will report on the planned scope of work to be addressed by the newly formed Remote and Autonomous Cargo Processing Working Group.
  • The Rapid Response Subcommittee will provide an update regarding the newly formed Broker Continuing Education Taskforce and their goal to evaluate a continuing education framework for licensed customs brokers.
  • The Intelligent Enforcement Subcommittee will discuss their progress and activities, and they may also submit recommendations from the working groups under their jurisdiction for COAC’s consideration. There will be updates from the following: the recently launched Intellectual Property Rights Working Group, which encompasses the visions of the 21st Century Customs Framework; the Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Duties (AD/CVD) Working Group (reporting on its efforts to discuss the AD/CVD Redesign and Date of Duty Calculation); the Bond Working Group (reporting on risk-based bonding and bond sufficiency); and, the Forced Labor Working Group, which was previously on hiatus (reporting on new topics).

 This meeting is open to the public. If you would like to attend in person, you may do so by registering here by December 3. If you would prefer to participate via webinar, you may register here.