© [2019], NCBFAA, Washington D.C. Monday Morning eBriefing. Originally published [11/18/2019]. www.ncbfaa.orgReprinted by permission.

On November 15, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced that, in the coming months, the first of three planned phases of enhancements to ACE Truck Manifest would be deployed. In their “Phase 1” infographic that was released with the announcement, CBP says that this deployment will “modernize the trade-facing truck manifest portal in ACE.” New features to the ACE Truck Manifest include: 

  • Templates: Allow users to save down information for commodities, manifests, or bills
  • Bill of Lading Types: Addition of 10.41a Instruments of International Trade, Carnet, International Mail, FTZ, Department of Defense Shipments
  • “Entry on File” Status: Indicates whether an entry is on file for each Bill of Lading
  • Type-Ahead Search Field: Enables quick access to account information, eliminating the need for multiple screen clicks, reducing manifest and bill creation time