We’re happy to announce two new features now available in ACELYNK Navigator Pro: Large Volume House Bill Upload & Submission for Entry Type 86 and Air Manifest Section 321!

What is Section 321 Entry Type 86?

Entry Type 86 provides a faster, less complex process, for Entry and Release of Section 321 low-valued shipments. Filers now have the option to clear large-volume, low value goods ($800 or less), through an ACE ABI provider without having to pay duties or taxes; including goods subject to CBP partner government agency requirements.

e-Commerce / Low Value Entries (Entry Type 86)

ACELYNK’s Large Volume Upload Feature for Entry Type 86 provides the ability to load multiple House Bills from a single Excel Sheet and create individual Cargo Release entries, which can then be submitted for release with click of a button.

Air Manifest for Section 321

ACELYNK is happy to introduce Air Manifest for Section 321 shipments! Upload, submit and get status of House Air Waybills fast and easy.

These new modules are available as added options and can be turned on in the Navigator Pro Dashboard.

Contact ACELYNK today at info@acelynk.com to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you soon!