© [2019], NCBFAA, Washington D.C. Monday Morning eBriefing. Originally published [02/10/2020]. www.ncbfaa.orgReprinted by permission.

On February 5, nearly 1,000 viewers tuned in to an NEI-sponsored webinar featuring the APHIS ACE team and NCBFAA RAC Committee member Stuart Schmidt to learn more about the new APHIS-Core electronic filing requirements, which will be mandatory August 3, 2020. The APHIS team provided an overview of the new process and encouraged brokers to explore the resources APHIS has made available, such as the APHIS Core Trade Guide, which has detailed and useful information for the trade. Right now, electronic filing for APHIS-Core is voluntary, but brokers are urged to begin using ACE for APHIS-Core filings so that you will be ready when the August 3 date arrives. If you missed the webinar, you can access it here. On February 12, NEI will begin a series of commodity-specific webinars, where the APHIS ACE team will walk you through the requirements for specific commodities.  The February 12 webinar will focus on Fruits and Vegetables. You can register for this free webinar here. Here are registration links to the remaining APHIS focused webinars: February 20: Animal ProductsFebruary 25: Misc. and Processed ProductsFebruary 27: Cut Flowers/Plants for PlantingMarch 3: Seeds Not for PlantingPlease note: These webinar’s are worth 1 CCS credit. You must login and attend the webinar to receive the credit; registration alone does not suffice