© [2019], Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A. Originally published in the [03/18/2020] issue of the Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report. Reprinted by permission.

The International Trade Commission has recently announced the following actions in intellectual property rights infringement investigations.

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– new IPR infringement complaint filed on in vitro fertilization products, components thereof, and products containing the same (complainant EMD Serono Inc., proposed respondents located in Turkey and the U.S.)

– termination of patent infringement investigation 337-TA-1178 of collapsible and portable furniture with respect to three respondents based on a consent order and settlement agreement with complainant GCI Outdoor Inc.

– termination without import restrictions of patent infringement investigation 337-TA-1165 of barcode scanners, scan engines, products containing the same, and components thereof

– institution of patent infringement investigation 337-TA-1193 of capacitive touch-controlled mobile devices, computers, and components thereof (complainant Neodron Ltd., respondents located in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and the U.S.)

In addition, the ITC has announced that in response to COVID-19 it is (a) postponing all section 337 in-person hearings scheduled to take place within the next 60 days, (b) temporarily waiving certain of its rules that require the filing of paper copies, CD-ROMs, and other physical media, and (c) amending certain of its rules that allow only for paper filing of certain documents in import injury investigations.