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We were all relieved when APHIS extended the August deadline for mandatory APHIS-Core filing in ACE. APHIS-Core is one of the most challenging PGAs to implement in ACE and many brokers need the additional time to prepare.  

There will not be another extension, however, making it very important to use this time to get your company and your clients ready. The NCBFAA RAC is here to work with you, providing useful tips and resources.  

Submit your Questions: We invite you to submit your questions about APHIS-Core filing in ACE to us at RAC@ncbfaa.org. We will work with APHIS to get the answers and publish both the Q and A in the MMB and on NCBFAA’s website, creating a library of FAQs for all to use as a resource. To give you an example, one broker asked the following question this past week and we will be publishing APHIS’ response in a subsequent MMeB:

Broker Question to APHIS: With the broad and varied scope of AQ1-flagged products, often we have no idea whether an APHIS Message Set is required. We do not even know what questions to ask our importer clients to determine whether a permit is required (and therefore an APHIS Message Set). For example, for the following commodities made of straw, what information about the product do I need from the importer to determine if a Permit is required or if I can Disclaim?


  • Straw Hat
  • Straw Tote

 C/O China

Beyond the above example, do you have any suggestions generally for how we should approach these less obvious commodities?

APHIS will soon provide a response to this question which we will publish in the MMeB. In the meantime, as you dig into the APHIS-Core filing requirements, send us your questions at RAC@ncbfaa.org.