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Welcome to ACELYNK Navigator

Your Open Gateway to U.S. Customs

ACELYNK's ABI Filing Solution

The ACELYNK Navigator platform provides Customs Brokers, Importers, FTZ Operators, and organizations of the Trade Community with a Cloud based ABI filing solution.

U.S. Customs constant innovations, delays, enhancements, and deployments with ACE have given ACELYNK the opportunity to offer a flexible and reliable ABI software solution. The Navigator platform is one of the few ABI software platforms that offer the complete PGA record set for submitting FDA, NHTSA, EPA, APHIS, FWS, DEA, FSIS, NMFS, ATF, DTC, TTB, and AMS data to and from each agency as they become available in ACE.

With the ACELYNK Navigator platform, filing has become a much simpler process. Filing ISF, Entry Summary, Cargo Release, 7512’s (InBond), e214’s (FTZ), Drawback, Reconciliation, AES, eManifest, Entry Type 86 and more, is no longer the paper intensive process it used to be. Now, you can electronically file these transactions from just about anywhere with our cloud-based ABI software.

Whether you’re a Customs Broker, a Self-Filing Importer, an FTZ Operator, a Freight Forwarder, an NVOCC, or any other member of the Trade community in need of filing Customs transactions, the process of filing with Customs is now streamlined and automated with the ACELYNK Navigator platform.

Get started today by scheduling a live demo of the most advanced and intuitive ABI Filing Solution on the market.

The ACELYNK Navigator Advantage

Fast, Easy and Intuitive to Learn

  • The Navigator platform uses a familiar, user-friendly UI design that is easy to learn and provides quick and seamless navigation between modules.
  • Users have complete visibility from a single dashboard of all transaction types and their current status with U.S. customs.

Real-time Connectivity to USCBP and the Governmental Agencies

  • Innovative Cloud Technology allows users to experience real-time data exchange with U.S. Customs, eliminating delayed responses on submissions statuses.
  • Responses on shipment status are received immediately including ‘May Proceed’ from FDA, ‘Release’ from Customs, and more.
  • Out of the box real-time API/EDI capability enables companies to integrate their in-house applications with USCBP and PGA's.

Proactive Regulatory Updates & Automation to Increase Compliance

  • Dedicated compliance personnel ensure regulatory mandates are developed and available on time.
  • Parts automation ensures users waste no time completing FDA, EPA, and/or other Governmental Agency forms from within an Entry.
  • Form automation allows the system to use data from one Customs Form to auto-fill another required Form. E.g., Once a user has completed an ISF Form, they can auto-create the Entry straight from the ISF.
  • Automated validation measures within the Navigator system warn users when they use a tariff number subject to specific duties such as Section 301.

Our Focus on Technology and Security Eliminates IT, and Investment in Infrastructure and Personnel

  • The ACELYNK Navigator platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud technology, requiring no additional hardware or software installations.
  • The focus on automation, ease of use, and compliance reduces the need for additional personnel.
  • Navigator Pro easily integrates with 3rd party systems eliminating human error and reducing costs associated with training new personnel.
  • Multiple Data Centers ensures near non-existent down time and a smooth, uninterrupted, connection to ACE.
  • We host and manage our platform in a highly secure, fully redundant cloud platform that meets all ISO and security standards.

ACELYNK Navigator Pro

Features at a Glance

FTZ & CFS Operation

  • Built with full inventory control
  • Seamlessly integrated with our ISF and InBond modules
  • Streamlines Tally-in’s from ISF to InBond to e214 and Tally-Out withdrawals, IE, and T&E.
  • Comes with all required quarterly and annual reporting


Complete ACE Filing Solution

6 Users Included

  • 3461 & 7501 (ACE SE & ACE AE)
  • Type 86 Mass Upload
  • Air Manifest for Section 321
  • FDA/PN and all active PGA forms
  • ISF
  • InBond (7512)
  • FTZ (e214)
  • AES (Export)
  • Truck eManifest
  • Reconciliation
  • Duty Drawback
  • Query Module for: AIR AMS, Ocean AMS, Bond, Tariff, FIRMS, SCAC, ADD/CVD and Quota


Technology and More...

  • Immediate ABI updates—receive updates and alerts in real time
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and API Available
  • Go Paperless! - Document Imaging System
  • ERP Integration
  • Integrated QuickBooks Accounting (Available for QuickBooks Online and Desktop versions)
  • Billing Integration with External System as Required


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