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ACE-API automates high-volume import and export operations and speeds up Customs clearance and release of shipments.

Designed with developers in mind, it keeps implementation flexible and fast (available in XML and JSON). ACE-API adheres to the highest standards in security and communication protocols.

ACE-API offers an open architecture, which can be thought of as a plug in to connect ERP, TMS, WMS and E-Commerce platforms to ACE (Automated Customs Interface) in real-time or batch mode.

ACELYNK ACE-API Offers the Following API (Application Programming Interface) Modules:

  • ISF (Importer Security Filing)
  • AII (Automated Invoice Interface)
  • Complete Entry Module (3461 & 7501), Includes FDA and Other PGA’s
  • Inbond (7512)
  • FTZ (e214)
  • Admissions and Withdrawals AES (Export Module)
  • AMS Query (Air, Ocean, Rail and Truck)
  • HTS Query
  • SCAC Query
  • FIRMS Query

Contact ACELYNK today to learn more about how you can automate your high-volume import and export operations!

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