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ACELYNK Type 86 Large Volume Upload

ACELYNK Entry Type 86 Mass Upload feature provides a faster, less complex process, for Entry and Release of Section 321 low-valued shipments. Our Large Volume Upload feature, or EDI/API option, for Entry Type 86 provides the ability to load thousands of House Bills from a single Excel Sheet and create individual Cargo Release entries, which can then be submitted for release with the click of a button.

The system has several built-in intelligent functions that eliminate tedious and time-consuming tasks, including:

  • Automatically analyzes and determines all applicable PGA flags as soon as House Bills are uploaded 
  • Allows for mass disclaim of PGA's across the entire entry set
  • Clearly displays PGA flags that are not able to be disclaimed 
  • Allows for mass replace of HTS codes across the entire entry set
  • Filter and segregate entries based on their status: On Hold, Rejected, Accepted, and Released

Ask how you can utilize ACELYNK API or SFTP to automate and upload thousands of House Bills in seconds.  

Intuitive Software

For large volume upload of Section 321 entries with Customs, ACELYNK Type 86 is the most advanced, yet intuitive, solution on the market.

Simple Cloud Based Setup

Get up and running quickly with no software downloads or hardware requirements. ACELYNK Type 86 is available to you from any device - all you need is an internet connection.

Immediate Updates

Receive updates and alerts in real time. In an industry that’s always on the go, ACELYNK Type 86 keeps you and your customers continuously updated on shipment statuses.

Ensured Compliance

As a part of our commitment to compliance, we make the required software updates to meet new or changed regulations free of charge. Tariff schedule and other updates occur automatically as they are published by CBP.

What is Section 321 Entry Type 86?

Filers now have the option to clear large-volume, low value goods ($800 or less), through an ACE ABI provider without having to pay duties or taxes; including goods subject to CBP partner government agency requirements.

Filing Entry Type 86 via ABI is an easier, less time consuming process, for Entry and Release of Section 321 low-valued shipments. 

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